Growth Strategy

AQTECH believes in continuous improvement and take all measures to equip its staff with latest tools and technologies as well as invest in their training. One of our core team is dedicated for R&D on new tools and technologies which help us enhancing our knowledge base and improved customer response time. The efforts on new tools and technologies R&D aid in assessing new market trends and develop marketing strategies which ensure the exploration of new and better avenues of business expansion and growth.

Growth Strategy:

  • Designing and developing new products and services
  • Building on existing products and services for new opportunities
  • Increase sales of products and services through better market reach
  • Expanding existing product lines and service offerings
  • Reaching out for new markets
  • Expansion into foreign markets
  • Increase sales through effective marketing strategies within the current target market
  • Increase market penetration by maintaining and growing the market share for current range of product and services and increase the usage of our products and services to our customers.
  • Growing business and increase the revenues by adding new products and services to our portfolio.
  • AQ Tech will opt synergetic and conglomeratic diversification strategies for business development.
  • Growing the range of products and services by engaging in strategic alliances and consortiums.