AQ TECH offers a wide range of IT and IT enabled services and a leading IT service provider in the country.

The company started its operations in 2006 with a vision to maintain highest quality standards and deliver reliable cost efficient technological solutions to provide secure IT environment with optimum results. The company has shown a rapid progress in the IT sector in a short span of time of 6 years courtesy our highly motivated team helping establishing AQTECH a brand name. We feel honored to have served some of the most prestigious corporate clients in the country. Our core strength lies in the ability to generate innovative ideas and implement them through our skilled manpower having diverse domain knowledge in IT infrastructure development.

We believe that the future is dependent on companies’ native abilities to harness and rapidly transform the power of information technology to get the in time availability of information for improved organizational responsiveness and efficient decision making. The infrastructure plays a crucial part in achieving that goal. We are specialized in providing hi-tech cost efficient IT solutions supported by the state-of-the-art products and our unmatched services tailored to customers’ requirements.

In todays’ fast paced digital era, it is challenging to implement any IT solution as the new products are arriving in the market at an express pace and the older products getting outdated. Based on years of experience, our engineers assess the customers’ requirement; devise a solution based on the available products with an eye on the scalability and the upcoming technological advancements. This helps the customer getting a better return on investment with best available technology and a room for scalability. We make sure that our provided solutions are implemented on the highest quality standards and they WORK!better customer support.

We believe in quality and to provide quality products, we have professional alliances with some of the world’s leading organization including IBM, CISCO, HP (Networking Products), D-Link, PANDA SECURITY, RUCKUS, 3M, Dahua Security, TANDBERG DATA, M0XA, TOTEN, CLIPSAL (Power Solutions) GENT by Honeywell, REVO & MICROSOFT TECHNOLGOIES. One of our team of highly skilled engineers specifically dedicated to products troubleshooting, R&D and in contact with the principal providers to better analyze the product. This also helps in selecting products in our technology solutions as well as proactively provides better customer support.


Dahua Security



Strategy & Vision

The basic strategy is harnessing of our abilities and energies in the direction and enhancement of the IT infrastructure development solutions with an assessment of todays and tomorrows technology challenges.

Our vision is to become the leading IT infrastructure solution provider in the country while maintaining the highest quality standards in delivering successful projects.

Our mission is to undertake the IT infrastructure business with a focus on becoming the leader in the country while delivering cost-efficient IT solutions that work!

The company values describe how we act in the professional arena.

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Quality
  • Innovation


Goals and Objectives

The following goals and set of prominent objectives will be pursued to execute. AQTECH is committed to maintain the high level of quality and continually review the progress to ensure that the efforts are aligned to our set of goals and objectives:

  • Continual improvement in delivery mechanism.
  • Enhance timeliness and accessibility of the technical knowledge base.
  • Develop partnerships with world-leading companies to remain competitive in the market and provide quality services to our customers.
  • Develop tools and capabilities that improve the productivity, quality, and efficiency of research.

Growth Strategy

AQTECH believes in continuous improvement and take all measures to equip its staff with latest tools and technologies as well as invest in their trainings. One of our core team is dedicated for R&D on new tools and technologies which help us enhancing our knowledgebase and improved customer response time. The efforts on new tools and technologies R&D aid in assessing new market trends and develop marketing strategies which ensure the exploration of new and better avenues of business expansion and growth.

Business Competitiveness

Our engineers’ decades of specialized experience and practical domain knowledge of IT and IT enabled services gives a competitive edge to the company. We provide solutions that are built exactly according to each client's requirements as we do not promote a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. We are highly flexible in what we do, and this allows us to work for businesses of every shape and size. That is why our clients range from small to the some of the largest and renowned corporate clients in the country. The flexible approach and tailor made solutions helps our engineer better understand the situation, hence devising a better solution to enable customer achieve its objective and helps getting better return on investments. At all times, we make sure through our project management division that both parties are on the same page and investments made in the project are secure and risk free.


At AQ TECH, the world renowned product brands which we deal in are the following: